- Les 2 Alpes -


Summer on the glacier with Snowmaxx

Who said you go to the beach in the summer? We go to the glacier!

It is important for athletes to stay in training even during the summer period, especially in a year like this when we skied and snowboarded very little during the winter ...


For this we have thought of two camp formulas in Les Deux Alpes (FRA):

the boys, constantly supported by our instructors, will spend 2/5 days training on the glacier in the morning and then spend the afternoon among the countless activities that the country offers: swimming pool, bobsleigh, mini golf, skate, ...

Once back in the chalet, a video correction will be made, then dinner, film and bedtime ready to start again, very loaded the following day. 


Cost (5 days)  .......... € 750

Choice of 11 weeks of camp:


week from 13/06/21 to 18/06/21

week from 20/06/21 to  06/25/21

week from 06/27/21 to  02/07/21

week from 04/07/21 to 09/07/21

week from 11/07/21 to 16/07/21

week from 18/07/21 to 23/07/21

week from 25/07/21 to 30/07/21

week from 01/08/21 to 06/08/21

week from 08/08/21 to 13/08/21

week from 15/08/21 to 20/08/21

week from 22/08/21 to 27/08/21


For both weeks and weekends, the required fee is all inclusive . This means that the following are included in the price: nights in the Snowmaxx chalet with full board, the ski pass including insurance, transport and all afternoon activities such as swimming pool and bobsleigh​


Cost (2 days)  .......... € 300

Choice of 12 camp weekends:


weekend from 04/06/21 to 06/06/21

weekend from 11/06/21 to 13/06/21

weekend from 18/06/21 to 20/06/21

weekend from 25/06/21 to 27/06/21

weekend from 02/07/21 to 04/07/21

weekend from 09/07/21 to 11/07/21

weekend from 16/07/21 to 18/07/21

weekend from 23/07/21 to 25/07/21

weekend from 30/07/21 to 01/08/21

weekend from 06/08/21 to 08/08/21

weekend from 13/08/21 to 15/08/21

weekend from 08/20/21 to 08/22/21


The scheduled departure for the weekly camp is from Turin around 18.30 and the return will be the following Friday in the late afternoon.

For the weekend the departure will be on Friday afternoon and return on Sunday in the evening.

COMPULSORY FISI CARD  (for insurance)